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What kind of glue is environmental protection adhesive

Environmental protection adhesive is a kind of universal adhesive that conforms to the national standard Du, without adding low-cost and highly toxic solvents such as benzene, n-hexane, dichloroethane and so on. In 8 years, the state has issued the relevant standard provisions of the limit of harmful substances in adhesives. Only environmental protection adhesive can obtain the "China environmental mark product certification" issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration. In order to facilitate the identification of consumers, the outer packaging of these products will be printed with "China environmental logo", which is circular in shape and composed of green and gold. The main part is composed of the green mountain, green water, sun and the surrounding ten rings, which are usually called "green ten rings". Now, the famous brand of omnipotent adhesive that has obtained the certification has Gu Kangli, etc.

In terms of price, the selection of reliable and environmentally friendly products is naturally higher than that of ordinary products, but the proportion of the total decoration cost is very low, usually less than%. It's very worth the small expenses that can avoid your worries. I hope that the introduction of this article can help consumers in the purchase of auxiliary materials. I hope that the tragedy will not repeat. I hope that all people can live in green living rooms.

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