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That's the right way to choose spray

As the saying goes, "Choosing the right spray is the beginning of successful bonding." Like the sofa spraying, mattress spraying, sponge spraying, water-based spraying, pure taste spraying, etc., due to the different types of spraying, different bonding materials, as well as different construction technology, different temperatures and humidities. Therefore, before choosing spraying glue, various factors should be taken into account, such as heat resistance, powder resistance, material quality of bonded materials, use conditions and transportation conditions, national standards and so on. Gum spraying teaches you how to choose the right gum spraying.

1. Select spraying glue according to customer's requirement

Different customers require different adhesives. That is to say, the customer's requirements are divided into different levels: high, medium and low grade products to choose spraying glue.

1. For high-end products, water-based spraying, neoprene spraying, hot-melt adhesive or PUR, which are high-performance and environmentally friendly products, are generally chosen.

2. For mid-range products, chloroprene, hot-melt or SBS sprays are generally chosen, mainly considering the best ratio of cost and performance, not paying attention to performance and environmental protection requirements.

3. For low-end products, generally only choose SBS-type products, only consider the cost, do not consider the performance, environmental protection and other factors, mainly can stick, other do not need to consider.

2. Selection of spraying glue according to the use and transportation environment of products

Different types of spray gum have different heat resistance and water resistance. Therefore, when choosing spray gum, it is necessary to consider whether the products produced by users meet the requirements of future use and transportation, so as to avoid quality problems.

1. Under the condition of ultra-high temperature, the high temperature resistant PUR and chloroprene graft spray are selected, which are suitable for automobile interior decoration, outdoor sports equipment, etc.

2. Under the condition of high temperature, we choose chloroprene type, heat-resistant SBS type, water-borne spray adhesive and hot melt adhesive, which are suitable for furniture, handbags, export products, etc.

3. In general temperature conditions, such as production of sofas, mattresses, handbags are suitable for SBS spray.

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